Vanity Table Buying Guide

A vanity table or a vanity is, though a luxury from the past but it is still being used by a lot of women. Vanities have been used since ancient times but these got famous in eighteenth century when women started using them for everyday use. A vanity table is easy-to-use, is comfortable and gets the job done perfectly. These features made them famous among women at large.

In twentieth century, vanity tables saw a major redesign in terms of their décor. Manufacturers all over the world started creating modern vanities.

Today, women have a lot of varieties and options to choose from when it comes to choosing a vanity table. In the buying guide below, you will find out different varieties of vanities to choose from and how to buy a vanity.

Vanity Varieties

When buying a new dressing table, there are four main variables to look for:

  1. Type
  2. Style
  3. Material
  4. Features

These four variables make a makeup table unique.


Dressing tables come in different types. Choosing the right type that complements your personal style and needs is what’s recommended.

A makeup table can take any form ranging from a kidney shape to lowboy to simple rectangular tables. Kidney shape vanity is one of the most common types of vanities that has been in use for centuries. The table takes the form of a kidney. It is somewhat round with an inward curve making it look like a kidney. The curve is where seat is placed.

If a kidney shape table doesn’t please you as it occupies a lot of space, a console table will be just the right option as it is bracketed in the wall. Console tables do not occupy a lot of space rather they usually stay hooked to the wall, mostly getting unnoticed.

A rectangular makeup table is a traditional form that takes the shape of a traditional desk with drawers. Normally a rectangular table has multiple drawers for different purposes. It can have shallow as well as deeper drawers.

For a more simplistic look, try lowboy dressing tables that are small in size having a couple rows of drawers. Though most of these lowboy tables don’t come with a mirror but you can easily attach a mirror with it.

Interested in a more recent and modern type of a makeup table? Buy a hybrid table that can be used both as a dressing table as well as a writing table.


Dressing tables come in different styles such as Hollywood Regency which showcase unusual geometric designs and details. There are modern style tables that have simplistic look while traditional styling tables have curved legs, are thin and well-designed.

Based on your personal taste and styling of other furniture in your home or room, you must choose the style most appropriate. For instance, if you have traditional style furniture in your room (like bed), it’d be a good idea to choose a traditional style makeup table so that it will go well with the rest of the furniture in the room.


Vanity tables are normally (and mostly) made of wood and wooden products like Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). If you are buying a complete bedroom suite, you will get a dressing table with the suite, in which case, it will be made of the same material with which rest of the bedroom suite is made.

However, if you are buying a standalone dressing table, you will have to make sure that it must complement furniture already in your room.

Besides wood and MDF, metal, glass and marble are some other (not so common) materials that are used in manufacturing of vanities.

Wood and wood product tables are strong, durable and expensive as compared to their counterparts like metal and glass which tend to be delicate. A marble slab is normally used at the top of the table as marble doesn’t damage by chemicals and liquids.


A makeup table comes with several features.

Drawers: Are used for storing items.

Mirror: Most of the makeup tables have an attached mirror that has the same styling and follows the same pattern as that of the table. However, there are some modern dressing tables that do not come with a mirror.

Gliding: Trimming of the corners to make them look nice.

Escutcheon: A plate that is used on keyholes for the purpose of protection, safety and decor.

Foot: Table legs come in three major types of foots; ball, cabriolet and bun.


How to Buy Vanity Table

It all begins with your choice as to whether you need an antique dressing table or a new piece. Antique makeup tables are hard to find and are expensive while a new dressing table is easy to find and is relatively low-priced.

You can also choose to buy a used vanity (secondhand) from auction sites. These used vanities are quite affordable and if you are lucky, you might get an antique piece at a much low price.

There are a lot of things that must be considered when buying a dressing table.

  • The styling, material, color and overall design of the table must fit in well and must align to the theme of your room. It doesn’t look alien.
  • Always try the table and the chair. Sit on the chair to see if it is right for you. The height of the table top, mirror and chair must be perfect for you.
  • In case you are buying online, note down the dimensions of the table and the chair to see if it will work for you.
  • Take a look at the features especially the drawers. It must have enough number of drawers so that you can put all your items in them without having to arrange for more storage.
  • You can choose between a portable dressing table and one that is fixed.
  • Most of the new makeup tables need to be assembled so make sure you have all the resources and tools to assemble one.


Women love to have their own private place where they dress up, style their hair, apply makeup and put all their stuff. This is why a vanity table is such a crucial addition to any room. Choose a dressing table that will not only help you in decorating yourself but it should also make your room more stylish.